Eternals Elseworlds

Episode 1-2: Well, That Escalated Quickly


MISSION REPORT MM02192 – Initial Report –

Vigil Briefing: 211 at 426 Newgate Avenue. Suspects considered armed and dangerous.

Primary Mission Objective: Retrieve targeted item in Case Marked 241123

Secondary Mission Objective: Stop the theft of Case Marked 241123

Tertiary Mission Objective: Apprehend suspects

Mission Debrief

Submitted by: Miranda Kross aka Copycat

After receiving information from Vigil, I proceeded to the location to rendezvous with Prophet, Vixen, Arc Flash, and Pulsar. En route I received word that the suspects were successful in apprehending Case 241123; however, Prophet, Vixen, and Arc Flash were in pursuit. Shortly thereafter, Vigil informed me that Pulsar was delayed and would not be able to assist. I attempted to contact the pursuing team, but was only able to pick up arguing and what sounded like bad country music.

Vigil provided me with an expected route for the suspects and I met their escape vehicle (a late model Canyonero Econo Van) at the intersection of Dillon Street and South Decker. After transforming into concrete, I was able to redirect the vehicle toward Linwood Avenue before entering the pursuit vehicle (also a late model Canyonero Econo Van) being driven by Arc Flash.

The redirection along with some shortcuts allowed the pursuit vehicle to get close enough for Vixen and myself to leap onto the suspect vehicle. I tore the doors off of the back of the suspects’ van while Vixen engaged the driver by entering through the front passenger side window. Inside the suspects’ van we encountered four suspects: three in the back and the driver. All were dressed in skull motif outfits. Two of the suspects seemed to be suffering from convulsions.

The van crashed into the front of a condemned movie theater. Vixen was thrown from the vehicle along with the driver. In the back of the van, the affected suspects doubled in size; one of them threw me from the vehicle. Vixen and I engaged the suspects while Prophet entered the wrecked vehicle to get Case 241123. Arc Flash meanwhile moved into a suitable position to use his abilities.

With the assistance of Arc Flash, I was able to restrain one of the enlarged suspects. Let the record note that whatever affected them provided them with significant strength and resistance to harm. While Arc Flash and I worked at stopping one enlarged suspect, Vixen fought the other. After I was able to get a handle on things, Arc Flash went to aid Vixen and the two of them were able to incapacitate the other enlarged suspect. Prophet was able to incapacitate the driver after retrieving Case 241123. The last suspect fled the scene.

We are currently awaiting further instructions.



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