Eternals Elseworlds

Episode 1-4: Regulators!


So we had a press conference, it was a bit of a chore but I at least got to look good for an audience, it’s the little things that make this job worth while. Though having to witness first hand that reporter, what a total idiot or brave soul depending on how you view this world.

Seriously though, how dare she fire those shots at our company in front of everyone, it’s no wonder she disappeared, did I forget that? Oh yeah right, Linda Summers totally disappeared after the press conference. The big guy and his rather enticing yet older secretary seemed to have handled business, I’m not sure there weren’t many fucks given on my part in that department, Prophet may know more.

Speaking of, he, Vixen and I took a little field trip to the lab to check up on our green buddies. Seems they’re dropping like flies after their wicked high, what a pity, a wasted high is a wasted life. Prophet and the doctor seemed to have shared an intimate moment, again not many fucks given on my part there but I’m sure Prophet can tell you more.

It was after that little trip that things took a turn for the worst, a trip down memory lane. Our faithful reporters whereabouts took me and the other two to my old stomping grounds. There I was tasked with the misery of contacting my ex, seriously fuck Greg for not giving me straight answers, not that I ever gave him any but still, sucks to be on the opposite end. After no luck from Greg my little nostalgia-filled sundae was topped with a brick house of a cherry, specifically my old friend Abby Dynes She of course proceeded to call me a sell out for well being one, luckily she had a handy USB that I was able to acquire from her and give to Prophet.

After that daily dose of embarrassment and regret I and my two faithful compadres proceeded to unleash hell on some Skulls or ‘follow up’ if you want to be a dork. There we were given the location to a base where all three of us provided some serious kick ass to the skulls. I’m pretty sure Vixen was able to cock block and give blue balls all in the same night, that was seriously impressive. The skull boss, not so much, he was kind of a pussy, who got…lucky. His luck ran out and he poured details about being a bit of a mule for some secretive higher up type I got his phone and sent it on over to brain boy, and I believe our new skull pal is hanging out with someone named Prometheus.



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