Eternals Elseworlds

Episode 1-3: Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.


function passWord() {
var testV = 1;
var pass1 = prompt(‘Please Enter Your Password’,’ ‘);
while (testV < 3) {
if (!pass1)
if (pass1.toLowerCase() == “foolsgold”) {
alert(’Welcome Misfits!’);

Everything seems to be going more or less as planned. No one seems to suspect that I may not have the heroic ambitions one would assume when ‘pinning on a cape’. I’m getting closer to my goal but I’m still so far away. My current clearance doesn’t allow me access to the files that I need. Something tells me that I need to get closer to Mike Gold. The man is a snake and makes my skin crawl with disgust. How anyone sees him as ‘golden’ is beyond me.

Prophet was acting oddly again. He didn’t seem to remember any of us and this isn’t the first time that he’s acted this way. It seems out of place and I wish I knew the origin of his memory loss. He’s usually quite astute that it sticks out when he seems clueless to a situation. He also isn’t quite so rude to point out my pores. I mean, is any man that stupid? Of course he’s going to get a bladder punch when he’s behaves so rudely.

Prophet at least remembered something and said he wanted to go check out some mission posters. We really must have had nothing better to do, because we decided to roll with the whims of someone who was clearly out of touch with himself. It is like the blind leading the blind. I wonder if the other squads within Midas Multinational operate this way or not.

When we got to the posters there was a girl crying because her brother was one of the missing teenagers. She blamed us, all heroes, for the disappearance of her brother and the other kids. They are all part of a fad called ‘capeing’. They want to be superheroes but they don’t make the cut. If they only knew the dark motivation of the companies they wouldn’t wish to be degraded and owned like we are. Being a superhero is all glamorous on the outside, I know that Arc Flash sure plays into that angle, but at the core we are slaves. Sometimes I wonder if there is actually much of a divide between hero and villain.

Our investigation, into the mission youth, led us to Club Paragon. When we arrived Arc Flash let us in as his entourage and we were waved through the front door. It almost makes me roll my eyes that Arc Flash seems to be his own biggest fan. I am not saying that he isn’t cute or that he doesn’t have other fans, but it is like a hustler buying his own con. I can’t hate him for it. At the most it is annoying. I actually feel a little sorry for him. He’s blinded by the flashy lights of fame and can’t see that he’s really just a puppet. If he only knew how little we actually meant to the company. He’s only good while he’s useful and brings positive attention. He’s in for a rude wake-up call one of these days.

Ellis was at the club and acting really strangely. He hid his hands from me and acted as if he were ashamed or afraid of something. It isn’t too unusual for him to act nervous around pretty girls, and the club was filled with them, but this was somehow different.

The boys were shaking down patrons at the club for information. They found out that there is a drug that is trending among the capeing youth. It is called ‘Dine.’ Gargoyle was able to locate a dealer. I can appreciate the puns that were thrown down in the exchange to buy some of this ‘Dine’. However, the dealer only had once does left and had to leave to get more. He said he would be back, but the boys decide it would be best to follow him.

It should be noted that Ellis acted nervous as fuck when the dealer passed him. I slapped him a few times and told him we would talk later and believe me I have a cosmic ton of words for him if it turns out that he’s been chasing this drug trend. I will lure him out with pizza, if I have to, and do what it takes to get him through some sort of fucking rehab and past withdrawal and the fucker better know that it is out of love.

I don’t know why the boys think that I am stealthy. I am quick, limber, and know how to punch, but stealthy isn’t really part of the package. I did my best to follow the drug dealer without being noticed. Arch Flash tried to use his fame to direct the attention off of me. It worked to some degree, but I know the dealer noticed me. I’m just lucky that he didn’t seem to think anything of a girl doing her make up.

He led us to a low end apartment building. We trailed him down the stairs where a green miasma hovered close to the ceiling. It was above our heads, which I am grateful for because I don’t want to find out what would happen if we breathed that shit in.

Arc Flash zapped himself though the outlet, took out most of the targets in the room, and knocked out the power. Gargoyle burst through the wall. I wish I could say it was an easy fight, but it wasn’t. The leader of the skulls, I guess they want to call him ‘Bone Daddy’, did some crazy hoodoo and reached into me. It was like he pulled out part of my soul. It felt…wrong. It shook me up and made me shiver. I had a harder time hitting him after that.

To complicate matters some crazy as fuck Trolls burst into the room and starting beating and shooting the place up. It was like they didn’t care what they attacked. It was crazy as fucking balls. They started to take out the support columns. Dust started to fall from the ceiling and it was pretty clear that they were going to bring the whole fucking building down on our heads.

Vigil called in back up and Prophet pulled the fire alarms in an effort to clear the building before it collapse on us.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the smaller Trolls were identified as the missing youth. Only they were green.

It was a mess.

But in the end we managed to apprehend almost all the Skulls and Trolls, get everyone out of the building before it caved in, and we have notified the family of the youth that we’ve found them. It seems like a good outcome, but I don’t know. The only time I’ve seen anyone behave like that was when we had that car chase and fought those skulls last week.

It makes me question a few things. The more I think about it, the more I wonder exactly why the supers serum was being stored in a warehouse? And how did the Skulls even know that the serum was there in there? It all sounds pretty sketchy to me. Or maybe I am just over thinking the whole situation.

I’ll update again soon.

var pass1 =
prompt(‘Access Denied – Password Incorrect, Please Try Again.’,‘Password’);
if (pass1.toLowerCase()!=“password” & testV ==3)
return " ";



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