Abby Dynes


High Concept: Vengeful Guardian of Rakaru Heights
Trouble: Quick to Anger

  • Quick to Action
  • Respect of the Community
  • Ear to the Ground
  • Fiercely Protective


  • (+ 4) Fight
  • (+ 3) Contacts, Provoke
  • (+ 2) Athletics, Empathy, Will
  • (+ 1) Investigation, Physique, Rapport, Shoot

Stone Form: Abby can turn herself into a living statue of solid granite. When in this form, she can use Physique to defend against fists, weapons, and guns, and gets a +2 to do so. She also gets a +2 to any Fight attacks made with her bare fists.

Special Effects: Forced Movement, Physical Recovery

Drawback: Slow and Heavy

Collateral Damage Clause: If Abby doesn’t mind letting the environment take the hit for her, she can completely ignore the effects of one attack against her.


  • Ear to the Ground Whenever someone initiates a conflict against you in an area where you’ve built a network of contacts, you use Contacts instead of Notice to determine turn order, because you got tipped off in time.
  • Heavy Hitter When you succeed with style on a Fight attack and choose to reduce the result by one to gain a boost, you gain a full situation aspect with a free invocation instead.

Real name: Abby Dynes
Identity: Known
Legal status:
Former aliases:

Place of birth: Rakaru Heights, Venture City
Age: 27

Marital status: Dating Prophet
Known relatives:
Group affiliation: The Watch
Allies: Prophet, Gargoyle, Little Miss Gunbunny, Linda Summers, Vixen
Enemies: Michael Gold

Base of operations: Rakaru Heights
First appearance: Episode 1-4: Regulators!
History: The Watch doesn’t have any kind of centralized leadership, but it does have people who hold authority in specific parts of the city. Abby Dynes is one of those people. The Rakaru Heights neighborhood is big and rough, the poster child for places that need the Watch. Heck, the Watch probably started there. Abby’s been living in Rakaru for as long as anyone can remember, and she’s both respected and feared.

It’s not that she’s cruel or unfair. Abby does what she feels is best for Rakaru Heights, and she stands up to people when the neighborhood needs it. People look to her for guidance, counsel, leadership. She’s got no patience for fools or predators. She doesn’t allow people to exploit each other, and she doesn’t allow people to create weaknesses that others can exploit. She’ll punish both crimes with the same harsh measures: a beating, followed by expulsion from the community.

Height: 5’7" Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes:Brown Hair: Redish

Known superhuman powers: Stone Form

Abby Dynes

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