Miranda Kross




  • Model Mimic
  • Harbors a Dangerous Secret
  • Ready, Fire, Aim
  • Hands Off the Merchandise
  • Take One for the Team


  • Great +4: Physique
  • Good +3: Athletics, Fight
  • Fair +2: Notice, Provoke, Resources
  • Average +1: Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Will
Physical Stress: 4 (5 when empowered), Mental Stress: 3


  • Power Name & Summary:

Material Mimicry: You are what you touch.While in contact with any material—iron, stone, wood, and so on—you can alter your body to mimic that substance, turning into a living statue. To do so, create an advantage using Physique against Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you gain an aspect reflecting your new state, such as Body of Steel. You may only have one such aspect at once, and it goes away if you break contact with the substance you’re mimicking. You are skilled at converting your body into esoteric stuff. You gain +2 to Physique when using your power. When you break contact with the substance you’re mimicking, you do not lose your Material Mimicry aspect. Instead, the aspect lasts until the end of the scene or until you begin mimicking a new substance.

It’s not that you’re too strong to show that you’re hurt, or that you recover especially well from being hurt. It’s that you just don’t get hurt. You gain Armor:2 against any purely physical damage. Pain don’t hurt. You gain an additional physical stress box.

You come pre-armed for everyone’s inconvenience. Your fists are surrounded by the material you mimiced. You gain +2 to Fight while brawling unarmed in close quarters. Your weapon is deadlier than most. Gain an additional +2 bonus to Fight when unarmed in close combat.

Power Breakdown

  • Basic Material Mimicry → Master Mimicry, Mimicry Memory
  • Super Toughness → Master Super Toughness
  • Basic Natural Weapon → Master Natural Weapon

Special Effects:

Forced Movement: You move your target up to two zones.

Physical Recovery: You recover from all physical stress.


You often trigger your power without meaning to. You suffer from Involuntary Mimicry.

Collateral Damage Effect:

Bulking Up: If you’re mimicking something sufficiently massive, like a brick wall or the asphalt in the street, you can actually absorb the material. You become huge, up to eight feet tall, and gain +2 to Physique while you mimic that substance. This transformation lasts a few minutes before the extra mass begins to leech out, and the absorption does a lot of damage to whatever you stole the mass from.





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