Countess Crey

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Real name:Countess Clarissa Crey
Occupation: Owner of Crey Corporation
Identity: Public
Legal status:
Former aliases: N/A

Place of birth: Venture City
Age: 37

Marital status: Married (husband in Coma)
Known relatives: Pamela Thompson (Mother); Count Alphonse Crey (Husband; Comatose)
Group affiliation: Crey Corporation
Allies: Hopkins, Copycat
Enemies: Michael Gold, Mr. Shaw

Base of operations: The Crey building
First appearance: Episode 1-7: Crey’s Folly
History: Countess Crey was born Clarissa van Dorn and grew up in Venture City. The orphan heir to a modest family fortune, she spent most of her high school and college years at various private schools in Europe. She first came to the public’s attention when she married Count Alphonse Crey, a man widely recognized as the world’s wealthiest and most eligible bachelor. At the tender age of twenty-three, she joined together with her new husband to form Crey Biotech: a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Just a year after their marriage, Count Alphonse fell into a tragic coma, a condition that still persists fourteen years later.

The Countess moved her business back to her hometown of Venture City, along with the corporate headquarters for the still-growing Crey Industries. She publicly swore to devote her company’s resources to finding a cure for her stricken husband, but proceeded to use her amazing and daring business acumen to expand her company at an astonishing rate. Through a series of buyouts, hostile takeovers and key personnel acquisitions, the countess turned her small research firm into an economic juggernaut.

Height: 5’5" Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brunette

Known superhuman powers: None known

Countess Crey

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