Dr. Damian Reynard

Murdered C.E.O.


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Real name: Dr. Damian Reynard
Occupation:Former professor of Biotechnology and Statistics. Found of Reynard Informatics and Intelligence (RII).
Identity: Known
Legal status: Deceased
Former aliases: None

Place of birth:
Age: 59 at death

Marital status: Married to Raina Reynard
Known relatives: Vixen (Daughter), Christoph “Kit” Reynard (Son)
Group affiliation: RII
Allies:Raina Reynard,
Enemies: Michael Gold

Base of operations: RII
First appearance: Episode 1-0: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
History: comingSoonPaperMarkerBlue-1024x682.jpg

Height: 5’10" Weight: 165 lbs
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Salt and Pepper (was brunette in his youth)

Known superhuman powers:None

Dr. Damian Reynard

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