Ellis Hobbes

Part-time Wage Slave, Full-time Fanboy Hacker




  • (+ 4) Lore, Crafts
  • (+ 3) Empathy, Notice
  • (+ 2) Contacts, Drive
  • (+ 1) Will, Investigate


Cracker: Using a computer and hacking one are pretty much the same thing. You may use your LORE skill to defeat computerized security.

Specialist (Computers): You get a +2 to all Lore rolls relating to Computers and Technology.


Real name: Ellis Hobbes
Occupation: I.T. Specialist
Identity: known
Legal status:
Former aliases: N/A

Place of birth:
Age: 26

Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Kathrine Hobbes (Mother)
Group affiliation: Misfits
Allies: Vixen (best friend)
Enemies: None that he is aware (probably Michael Gold, Mr. Shaw)

Base of operations:
First appearance: Episode 1-3: Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.
History: Life is hard for most single mothers in Venture City. This was not the case for Ellis’ mother, Katherine “Kitty” Hobbes. Kitty was childhood best friends with Raina Hayward. Their paths parted ways when Raina’s modeling career became more serious. However, Kitty and Raina were reunited when they both found themselves living in Venture City. They quickly revived their friendship. Raina was more than ready to help Kitty out with Ellis and extend the little family protection once RII gained more power.

Ellis is an only child. He is close to his mother, but has no clue about the identy of his father. His mother doted upon him and he was given just about everything he wanted. It was enough that he didn’t give much thought about who his father may be until he was older. He has questioned his mother, but she always waves him off and changes the subject.

His mother would often watch both Bethari (Lorna) and Christoph Reynard. Lorna was closer to his age and they were close friends from a young age. Ellis was often bullied while he was growing up. He was too timid to defend himself, but Lorna was a little spitfire and would stand up for him. She wasn’t afraid to get rough and tumble to defend her friend. She’d wear the bruises and scrapes like badges of honor.

About the time Ellis hit puberty he realized that he may feel more for Lorna than just friendship. This feeling hasn’t ever really wavored. He suffered through watching her make terrible choices with the people she chose to date and would take other girlfriends, when he could get them.

His other love has been for computers and technology. He began training in them when he was in grade school and hasn’t stopped since. He’s quite good at coding, spoofing, and hacking. The anonymity of the internet became an escape for him.

Height: 5’11" Weight: 223 lbs
Eyes:Brown Hair: Light brown

Known superhuman powers: None
Abilities: Computer Hacking; Computer building and maintenance; Pop culture awareness; Lovable Geekiness
Limitations:Only Human; Coward; Adictive Personality
Weapons: Not trained in any weapons

Ellis Hobbes

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