Little Miss Gunbunny

Corinne (Cori) Ander



  • Super Intelligent Tech-Head
  • Secret Benefactor
  • Uber-nerd
  • Heart of Gold
  • Not Without My Trusty Gauntlets


  • Great +4: Empathy
  • Good +3: Athletics, Crafts
  • Fair +2: Fight, Shoot, Will
  • Average +1: Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique
Physical Stress: 3, Mental Stress: 3


  • Power Name & Summary:

Neuro-Mechanical Acuity: You can control machines up to one zone away without touching them. Most machines won’t resist you at all, but something computerized will put up Fair (+2) opposition, and more complex and powerful computers will offer greater opposition; you use Empathy to overcome this opposition. You can only make a machine do something it’s capable of; while you couldn’t make a toaster float, for instance, you could make a car drive itself. Your brain is also able to pick up signals of all sorts. You have a permanently active Internet connection, and you can hear both sides of nearby cell phone conversations.

You have an intuitive understanding of machines of all types. Just by seeing a device, you can tell what it does, at least in general. In addition, you gain +2 to Crafts when repairing or building complex devices. Also, you have any number of fantastically useful contraptions tucked into your utility belt. You can spend a fate point to create just about anything you could possibly carry on your person.

Virtually any power can become an ability that you have thanks to a gadget you have created. You might have jetpack-powered Flight, a device which lets you Phase through walls, or a ray to create energy Shields. Even though these powers come from devices, the devices only work because of your superhuman craft, so they can be affected as standard powers can by Power Amplification, Power Nullification, and other means.

You gain +2 to Will when working though puzzles, riddles, or other mentally absorbing tasks. In addition, you can answer complicated mathematical problems instantly. Consequently once you see how someone fights, you can exploit their weaknesses. When someone deals physical stress to you in a conflict, you gain +2 to all attack rolls against them until the end of the scene.

Power Breakdown:

  • Basic Machine Control → Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Basic Gadgeetering→ Useful Devices
  • Basic Super Gadgeetering
  • Basic Super Intelligence→ Taskmastery

Special Effects:

  • Extra Action: You can split your shifts between two different yet related actions, adding a +1 to each action.
  • Mental Recovery: You recover from all mental stress.


Because you have a bond with machinery, it has a bond with you. In a technologically advanced city, that means The Machines Never Stop Talking!

Collateral Damage Effect: Pawn Interception

You can use your gift for analysis to divert an incoming attack. When an attack would hit you, you can have it instead strike a nameless NPC in your zone—they just happened to wander into the line of fire at the exact right moment. When this happens, you take no damage and the NPC is taken out.





Little Miss Gunbunny

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