Dylan Dean



  • Hyper-aware Detective
  • “I Will Make Things Right”
  • Doesn’t Know When to Quit
  • Women Love Him, Men Hate Him
  • Knows a Little About Everything


  • Great +4: Investigate
  • Good +3: Notice, Rapport
  • Fair +2: Empathy, Fight, Will
  • Average +1: Contacts, Lore, Physique, Resources
Physical Stress: 3, Mental Stress: 3


  • Power Name & Summary:

Heightened Awareness: You gain +2 to Investigate when using Sight and Hearing. In addition, that sense cannot be impeded; for instance, you can see in darkness or hear clearly in a cacophony. You gain an additional +2 to Investigate when using your superior senses. Your senses are heightened even when you aren’t really trying. You gain +2 to Notice against anything you could identify with your superior sense.

You can see hits coming early, letting you use Notice to defend against all physical attacks. Also, during a conflict you always act before anyone who does not have Precognition. Once per scene, you may ask the GM a question about future events, the likely outcomes of your actions, or any other information you can only access through seeing the future. The GM must answer as honestly as possible, but may be vague.

You can use Investigate and Notice to glean information from the minds of people in your zone or adjacent zones. If your target knows or suspects you are reading their mind, they can actively oppose you with Will. Investigate delves into deep thoughts and memories, and Notice picks up surface thoughts and detects unfamiliar minds. You can also project words into the minds of anyone within range.

Power Breakdown

  • Basic Super Senses (Sight) → Sensory Suite (Hearing), Alertness, Master Super Senses
  • Basic Precognition → Visions
  • Basic Basic Telepathy (Notice) → Telepathy Flexibility

Special Effects:

  • Inflict Condition: You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.
  • Mental Recovery: You recover from all mental stress.


When you can read others’ thoughts but nobody’s reading your own, you Tend to Abuse Your Power.

Collateral Damage Effect: Hyperfocus

You can focus the full power of your super sense on someone anywhere in the scene. Because of your superior focus, you gain +4 to all attack and defense rolls against your target until you end this effect or the target is taken out. However, you cannot attack anyone else while hyperfocused, and you are liable to cause collateral damage because you’ve stopped paying attention to your surroundings.





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