Amber O'Neil




  • Uplifting Gravity Controller
  • Doesn’t Know Where She’s From
  • Orphan of the Streets
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • There’s still Good in this World


  • Great +4: Shoot
  • Good +3: Athletics, Will
  • Fair +2: Deceive, Physique, Stealth
  • Average +1: Contacts, Fight, Provoke, Rapport
Physical Stress: 3, Mental Stress: 4


  • Power Name & Summary:

Gravity Manipulation: Your powers are gravitational in nature, and you can bend Gravity to your will. It doesn’t actually make sense as far as physics is concerned, but it works for you.

Select a target up to one zone away and make a roll using Shoot. That target cannot move to another zone until you release them or they overcome an obstacle with opposition equal to your roll with Physique. You have also perfected your ability to hold people in place. Gain +4 to Shoot when slowing targets.

You can affect an entire zone with your power. Select a zone up to one zone away, and roll Shoot with a -2 penalty. Your power affects every target in the zone, friend and foe.

When you hold your opponents, you hold them completely. When slowing a target, you may choose to roll Shoot with a -2 penalty. If you do, your target cannot take any physical actions until they escape from your power.

You can fire gravity pulses from your fists, with a range of three zones, using Shoot.

You can move vertically through the air as easily as moving along the ground. Use Athletics to overcome obstacles or create advantages related to flying.

Power Breakdown:

  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Basic Slowing → Master Slowing (x2), Slow Field, Stop
  • Basic Energy Blast
  • Basic Flight

Special Effects:

  • Inflict Condition: You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.
  • Forced Movement: You move your target (push or pull) up to two zones.


When you bend gravity to your will, it tends to bend right back. Your power Leaves You Weakened when you use play around with gravity.

Collateral Damage Effect:

Mass Slowing: When pressed, you can apply your slowing effect on a massive scale, targeting everyone in your zone and every adjacent zone. Of course, by affecting so many targets, you’re likely to damage something in the environment as well.




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