Raina Reynard

Murdered Business Woman and Mother


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Real name: Raina Renyard (Maiden name: Hayward)
Occupation: Former Model. Co-Founder of Reynard Informatics and Intelligence (RII).
Identity: Known
Legal status: Deceased
Former aliases: None

Place of birth:
Age: 48 at time of death

Marital status: Married to Dr. Damian Reynard
Known relatives: Vixen (Daughter), Christoph “Kit” Reynard (Son)
Group affiliation: RII
Allies: Dr. Damian Reynard
Enemies: Michael Gold

Base of operations: RII
First appearance: Episode 1-0: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
History: There was nothing unusual about Raina’s life until she hit her mid-teens. When she was 15 she was picked up on modeling contract and thrust into the public spot light. Fame followed her through most of her twenties. She was still in demand when she decided she wanted to go to college and cut back on the time she spent on the set of photo shoots or on the runway. She was pursuing a degree in Anthropology when she met her future husband, Dr. Damian Reynard. He was still her professor when they started to date; it caused a bit of scandal when their romance came to light. Still the public pressure didn’t sway their relationship. Damian was fired for misconduct, but was quickly rehired at ((University to be named here)) in Venture City.

After they were married they had a son, Christoph. She went on to form Reynard Infermatics and Intelligence (RII) with her husband. They used their respective fields to predict the market as well as several other occurrences. RII started to buy and trade secrets and had a high level spy ring that knew the workings of many other companies and their intrigue. Eventually they were gathering information on even the most powerful people. RII was a force to be reckoned with by the time their daughter, Bathari, was born. The company’s success brought in millions but also earned the Reynards powerful enemies.

The company spend over a decade on top, but was a threat to Midas International, as well as many others. Michael Gold made offers to buy them out, but Dr. Damian Reynard continuously refused to sell his company. This put the two powerful tycoons at odds. The animosity between the two finally grew to the point where Mr. Gold snapped and murdered Damian in a fit of rage, before turning his fury on Raina to beat and strangle her to death. Charges were never filed as their was no ‘substantial’ proof that the Reynard’s death was linked to Micheal Gold. Their Son Christoph, now in his early twenties, was pressured to sell RII and in his grief he allowed Mr. Gold to acquire the company in a billion dollar buyout.

Height:5’6" Weight: 134
Eyes:Blue Hair: Blonde

Known superhuman powers: None

Raina Reynard

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