Keeping You Safe

Aegis is the name in private security forces in Venture City. Somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty percent of the private police in the city report to Aegis. Another twenty is Bright Sun (page 87), and the rest is divided among a number of minor corps. Aegis is looking to expand their influence. They’re the top dog in security contracts, but they also want to supply the military with weapons and field enhancements—oh, and they’re looking to get into biotech too. Unlike Bright Sun, Aegis pays its soldiers and supers well. They’re loyal because they’re treated like rock stars and because they know they’re the backbone of the company. The salary men and wage slaves, on the other hand, are a little restless.



Bringing the Future to Life

Crey Biotech started as a small company with a mission statement that it aimed to cure all that ails society. The company’s founder mysteriously feel into a coma 14 years ago. His wife, Countess Crey, picked up the management of the company and vowed to find a cure for her husband’s condition. She quickly expanded the company through buyouts and hostile take overs. Today Crey is a power house and brand known by everyone. Crey has been associated with some questionable business practices, but most people dismiss that as rumor and trust Crey products.



Making the World a Better Place.




Unlocking Humanity’s Potential.

Mitsuhama is the world’s biggest, richest, and most influential biotech corporation. They’ve also got their hands in electronics, but genetic engineering is their bread and butter. They’ve found cures for countless diseases, cures available in hospitals the world over—as long as you can pay for them. They’re also the ones who cracked the supergene, figured out how to activate superpowers in just about anyone. That tech has since leaked out to other corporations, and most major corporations have at least one superhero on staff, but Mitsuhama is still at the bleeding edge of supergene research. Other corps may have supers, but Mitsuhama supers are just better. Fewer drawbacks and side effects. More control over their powers. There’s a rumor that Mitsuhama also outfits their supers—and even some of their execs and salarymen—with kill switches: genetic code designed to replicate into a system-crippling and lightning-fast cancer when it’s activated remotely.




We Control the Sprawl

Venture City is home to more than a dozen gangs. Some of them are very small, a handful of violent people trying to grab what power they can. Others are huge, sprawling organizations that control large sections of the city. Splitstream’s Crew falls into the latter category. On its face, the Crew—as they’re often called—is a dangerous organized crime syndicate with a penchant for violent acts and a number of super-powered members. The Crew is more than just a gang, though. Those in the know are aware that the Crew is for hire. Splitstream runs his Crew like a gang, but he makes his money from secret mercenary contracts. What look like acts of random violence are often targeted strikes.



Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right

The Maniacs are a street gang operating out of Venture City, based out of the district of West Side. Known for their outlandish appearance and demeanor, they’re embroiled in a gang war with other gangs in the area.The Maniacs are a relatively small-scale street gang, at least in comparison to some of their rivals, run by a man by the name of Crackpot. They claim the territory south of ((fill in blank)), from the park extending to the docks, including the well-known criminal watering hole Club Roxxy.



Personal Glory and Power Through Death

Founded by the Petrovic brothers, the Skulls are a death worshiping cult whose initiation is a rather morbid affair. Recruits are ordered to kill a target in a rival gang (or a random person of the street) and are then taken to choose their own casket. They then must dig up a grave and take the front of the dead victim’s skull as the mask that will make up their new ‘face.’

They have a standard rank system; the Gravediggers are the basic street thugs, normally armed with knives and guns that vary from hand pistols to automatics. Above them are the Death Heads. They earn their rank through bloodshed and violence. They serve as the Gravediggers’ keepers and report directly to the groups bosses: the Bone Daddies. The Bone Daddies are hand picked by the Petrovic brothers themselves. They are put through a ritual that grants them powers over the negative energies of the netherworld.



Survival of the Fittest

The Trolls are a street gang of drug addicts who have mutated through the abuse of a dangerous drug called Superadine. These mutations grant them superhuman strength and resistance, at the price of turning them into furious monsters. They are a recent addition to the sprawl’s gang problem. Midas Multinational is working on finding out who is behind their up-crop and working on cutting off their supply.




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