It’s a city of millions, a sprawling urban metropolis full of crime, corruption, and violence. It’s a city where the rich and elite—few as there might be—control nearly everything. It’s a city where crime prevention and public safety are privatized, and police forces are owned by corporations. It’s a city with a huge, disenfranchised underclass that will do what they must to make ends meet.

Venture City is a place of extremes, a place of deep, concealing shadows and stark, antiseptic light. It’s a place of heroes and villains, exemplars of justice and personifications of evil.

Okay, maybe that last bit is a lie.

What Venture City really is is gray. Sure, you’ve got extremes: rich and poor, light and dark, safe and dangerous, hero and villain. But in between are vast expanses of murky morality, people who don’t exist as part of the established system. People like you.

Welcome to Venture City. It’s a lot like the rest of the world.


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