Eternals Elseworlds

Episode 1-6: Corporate Trust


So, after saving that reporter, and finding out more about the drug on the streets, and this mysterious “Prometheus”, we… as in Prophet, Vixen, and I… we met up and tried to figure out what to do next, especially since we know that Crey is involved somehow. Vixen got a call from someone, and she got all super worried. I asked her if she was alright, and she said she was. I know she wasn’t. I could tell. i wasn’t going to push, though. I don’t think she likes me, but I just wanted to help. Anyway, she took off to some guy named Ellis’s place while Prophet and I went to check out a warehouse that was on a schedule of pickups for bodies that came to that area underneath the Midas Multinational building, where we saw tall, dark and totally douchebaggy guy Shaw, where I totally got that schedule in the first place. Go me!

When Prophet and I get to the warehouse, it just suddenly exploded. I mean, it was like one of those action movie moments, seriously. Then a ton of guys with guns coming after us. So, I went into total Kate Beckensale, Milla jojovich Resident Evil mode and start taking guys down. I got shot. It hurt. I think I’m going to have a scar. Oh, wait… tangent, sort of. Back to the breakdown. So, prophet gets a truck and goes right into a bunch of guys and then starts going all Mark Ruffalo, minus the green and CGI, but still like total rage monster. These guys were from Crey, or so we think, especially since one had a power nullifier device on his chest. It took everything I had to convince it to power down. So, while Prophet was going all Pele with a live grenade, I decided to create an kinetic energy field around my hands. I need to come up with a name for those… the Blue Balls of Pain? No, that even creeps me out. They’re more like pom-poms that cheerleaders use, though the cheerleaders I knew were complete bitches… oops, tangenting… so I call up the Pom-Poms of Doom. Yeah, I like that. Anyway, I try to hit the guy… and I miss. Twice. Frak me. Then he called me a nerd. So I shot him. Yeah… don’t call me a nerd. While all this was going on, Vixen got attacked at her friend Ellis’s place at the same time, and I let her know about the nullifier device, so once she took that out, she was able to wipe the floor with her attackers for a bit so she could get herself and that Ellis guy out of there.

After all of this, we get a priority message from our Eterni-comms (that’s what I call them… I don’t think the others would like it, though), figuring it’d be from our own personal Cisco Ramon in Vigil, but who was it calling us back to the headquarters? It was tall, dark and creepy Mr. Shaw, saying that he is going to be handling us. So, when we wanted Cisco, we got Damian Darkh… great. With all of these other people dying, this is totally making me worry about Vigil. I never got to tell him that I thought he was kind of cute. So, that’s it for now… I so need a drink right now… a nice pumpkin spice latte with extra foam would be so awesome right now.



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