Eternals Elseworlds

Episode 1-7: Crey's Folly


My name is Antonio “Vigil” Nash. If you’re listening to this data file, it means that I’m probably already dead… or I’ve been kidnapped… or I’ve most likely moved to Jersey. Yesterday, I went above my access seeking out this Prometheus guy, looking into files that were way above my paygrade. I got curious, and it’s going to cost me big.

It started with Prophet giving me the Skull leader’s burner. It was easy enough to trace a few locations from the call log. Then I saw the bio-strands. It’s really odd how similar the bio-strands are of the Eternals and those who used Superdine. It’s like almost looking like the same person. First I thought Dr. Vasilikos was Prometheus. He definitely gives off this Island of Dr. Monreau vibe. But looking into Dr. Creepy McCreeperton had me grasping at straws. It didn’t take long to change my choice. Like the rest of the team, I started thinking Shaw was Prometheus. So I tailed him…. Like a lot. Like all Max Cady Cape Fear style. I could tell you his daily schedule, how he takes his coffee in the morning, when he goes to the… Holy Sidetrack, Batman. Look, point is, I was tailing him one day, and he saw me. He freakin’ looked right at me.

I played it off, at least I think I did. I came back to the office and started doing some digging, which brings me back to the start of my epic fail. I started looking into him and some security detail called Blackgate. Guys all had tats of snakes. Hello, Slytherin anyone? I managed to find out they work for Shaw. And now… Oh no! I’ve been caught.

I mean why else would Shaw and three of his “Yes” Men show up on my floor. I’m taking a company earbud from my monitor station and bugging out. His men are fanning out looking for me. Frakking Hell! Shaw just took my seat and punched in talking to the team. I’m leaving Gold Plaza now, listening in on the mission detail.

Shaw was ordering the team to infiltrate Crey Biotech, and leave some high end tech to send info back to Midas. Sounded like some Mission Impossible shit. And the team is giving him attitude. I am so proud. Then someone accused Shaw of killing me. I’m not dead, guys! But you guys can’t hear me. Now I look like the crazy person on the L talking to himself.

How are the Eternals going to pull this off? I mean Shaw had left them high and dry without an entrance and exit strategy. What a dick! This was sounding like a suicide mission, and it’s probably the last time I hear their voices.

Oh! Gunbunny distracted some IT employees at a food truck while Vixen managed to steal their ID cards. Sweet! Gunbunny is on point with the nerd talk. All of her pop culture references make my geek heart sing. If I get through this, I am going to ask her out to dinner.

The team manages to get past the security checks, Crey agents, and some overly friendly water cooler jockey. They escape into a storage room, and Gunbunny Little Miss Gunbunnyreviews the building layout. Now they are doing some hardcore movie ventilation system crawl. And Gunbunny with the Die Hard reference. #swoon.

I’m home now. It’s as exactly like I left it. No ransacking means they haven’t been here yet, and my time is running out. I’m booting up my pc and packing some essentials. The team is saying something about someone wanting them to follow him. Something about She wants to talk to them. Is it the Countess herself? What the- The audio is all warbly.

I’m plugging the earbud to my cradle, and loading a program I’ve been working on. It was supposed to be the thing that got me that big promotion, but I hadn’t worked out all of the kinks. I’m turning the slider now.

< Audible tuning noise >

< Woman’s voice > “… want you… Plaza.. during…. Gala…. All… I want…. Prometheus…”

I’m uploading this datafile, setting it to send automatically in five days for when I can come back and cancel it. But who am I kidding. I’m a dead man. Dead, as I won’t have an after credits scene sipping on marguerites with the team on a beach. As in, I just rolled a one and some dick GM is going to kill me. Whoever finds this, tell the Eternals that I love them, and that they did the right thing. Tell them I…

< two thwerp noises followed by a thud >

< end transmission >



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